MUSCAH (/Mewschia) – Mixed Use Shipping Container Alternative Housing

MUSCAH is a Shipping Container Development Company. 

What does MUSCAH do?

MUSCAH provides Shipping Container Development Services. From Concept Vision to Project Creation, MUSCAH works with clients big and small to Design, Engineer, and Develop Shipping Container structures. Whether Residential, Multi-Family, Retail, Office, or Warehouse our team has the capabilities to build your wildest dreams!

How does MUSCAH deliver?

The MUSCAH team consists of a diverse group of Real Estate Professionals working with quality trusted vendors to bring unique ideas to life!

Sustainability Consulting

Container Development

Opportunity Zones

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs or Tiny Homes)


Mu – Micro

MµSCAH is a Mixed-use Shipping Container Alternative Housing concept envisioned as a community improvement center dedicated to raising up local urban populations through crowdfunded investment and collaboration between the business, philanthropic, and public sectors. MµSCAH is an organization built from entrepreneurship and the forms of this trait that build sustainable, lasting, and thriving communities using the triple-bottom-line philosophy to create a regenerative economy. This mixed-use development concept is built for production rather than consumption; and serves the local economy through new job creation, several types of produce, affordable housing, and public education.

The MµSCAH complex is an innovation hub providing those in need with the amenities to grow and prosper while benefiting the local civilization. This is done using STEAM and the tools for self-development that foster long term habits of success for all. These amenities and tools include: a Technology Lab, an Entrepreneur Uplift Center, and an Education Facility. The concept provides all of this through partnerships with non-profits, local businesses, and tax collaboration with the government. MµSCAH is a concept built to be a sustainable solution to the challenges faced with growing urban areas – urban housing and urban agriculture – while implementing disruptive innovation for Smart Cities and environmental conservation to combat climate change.

The MµSCAH complex is an environmentally friendly development built using the latest in sustainable building technologies for energy savings, maximum yield aquaponic growing techniques, and efficient cost cutting modular housing using ISBUs (ISO Intermodal Shipping Containers). MµSCAH is a concept built using ancient techniques of permaculture blended with regenerative attributes and the modern technologies available to humanity today. These complexes are designed with scalability, connectivity, and sustainability in mind to provide efficient and effective economic activity in the neighborhoods in which they are situated while being applicable to a global framework.

The MµSCAH complex is based on entrepreneurship and the uplifting mindset that comes with the practice of self-awareness. A true community improvement center must focus on the building up of individuals through small businesses, job placement services, financial planning and responsible money management, and the aspects that human connection brings to an area. As technology automation and artificial intelligence are replacing people in many aspects of employment, MµSCAH is designed with humans in mind. Focusing on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs the MµSCAH complex is a concept that intends to solve some of the basic Physiological necessities of humanity while providing support towards the psychological attributes that promote people fulfilling their purpose and becoming the best version of themselves (Safety/Security, Love/Belonging, Self-Esteem, & Self-Actualization). For individuals to truly succeed in their community they must have access to food, water, and shelter, feel safe, accepted, confident, and realize their intended purpose – which in turn prompts that individual to give back to their local economy in some fashion. The MµSCAH project is designed to encourage people to become self-sufficient while proactively benefiting the local community and creating a regenerative stable economy that continues to grow and develop in an equitable manner providing opportunities for all.

Competitions and Programs Applied to:

DomestiCITY Atlanta – domestiCITY [an affordable atlanta]is structured as a two-phase design competition that will explore best practices & innovative strategies for the planning, design, construction, & operation of affordable & sustainable developments in increasingly urbanized areas.

Urban Land Institute Real Estate Development Shark Tank Atlanta 2018- ULI Atlanta’s 1st ever Real Estate Development Shark Tank will bring together aspiring and veteran developers in front of a live audience, as they pitch their projects in front of an expert panel of sharks. The sharks represent Atlanta’s most seasoned leaders in the industry and will offer the audience an opportunity to look behind the scenes at the inner-workings of an investment committee. ULI Atlanta is soliciting investment proposals from savvy, aspiring real estate developers who are actively pursuing financing for a particular real estate deal in the metro Atlanta area. Two finalists will be selected to pitch their projects to a seasoned panel.

IoT.ATL Living Labs Challenge – Five chosen startup teams are participating in a 12-month pilot focusing on collaborative AgTech solutions for urban agriculture. Winning teams will get the opportunity to showcase Internet of Things and Urban Agriculture concepts on the Atlanta BeltLine in an 8’x20′ Shipping Container. WINNER! Collaborating with Urban Sprout Farms & Yogardener

Urban Land Institute Real Estate Development Shark Tank Atlanta 2019 – Finalist Summer 2019! After a successful pitch to the Sharks the project is moving forward with investors, stay tuned for more great news as the Development begins to take life!